You’ve heard it a million times but I’m gonna say it again anyways, everything is bigger in TEXAS. Texas is my home and I take extra pride in the fact that when I leave this beautiful state I get to tell people that I am from Texas. I don’t have the Texas accent that my dad has, I don’t wear cowboy boots and a hat everywhere I go, but I believe there is something in a person’s manner which points to the fact that they grew up here. It’s the really subtle things, like when I go to NYC and I hold the door open for a woman who is at least 20 feet from the door and getting to see the shock on her face. Texans hold the door open for others, we wave to strangers on the street, and we always ask others how their day is going. I admit, I say y’all way too often and sometimes my pronunciation is just a little bit off but I am unbelievably proud to be from the Lone Star state. As Pat Green and Lyle Lovett (if you don’t know these country music stars look them up !!) would say, “The girls in Texas are just a little bit better!”

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