And So the Adventure Begins…

“What feels likes the end is often the beginning.”-Unknown

This past week, I repeatedly told myself that I was not going to cry during Baccalaureate or the Robing ceremony and definitely not during graduation itself. Most high schoolers can’t wait to get out of high school but I can confidently say that I am not like most. I have been at my amazing school since Kindergarten; it’s my school, my church, and my second home. There are a lot of preconceived notions about private schools, especially christian private schools but I can honestly say that the reason I am so sad to leave is because this place has been so much more than just a school for me.

The teachers were not just my teachers; they were my friends and role models. My fellow classmates were not just my peers; they were amazing friends and supporters as well. The students at my school are innovative, encouraging, thoughtful, smart, and well-rounded and I couldn’t have asked for better friends. Each of my classmates comes from a different background, each has their own story to tell, and each and every one them was my friend. There are not many high school seniors who can say that they knew each and every one of their classmates, not only by name, but shared an actual friendship with each one. And that’s the beauty of going to a school where graduating 93 seniors is such as big deal. Today was the day, the day that I graduated from a school that I have proudly gone to for 13 years now and as I’m sure you probably guessed, I cried during graduation… a lot.

So now that high school is over and I am officially and alum (whoa that’s weird to think about), my new beginning consists of putting all my focus and energy into college. I am so incredibly excited about attending Texas A&M University next year! Over the summer, I plan on spending as much time with my family and friends as possible before I head down I-35 to C Stat! I’m not going to lie, the idea of leaving my friends and family makes me pretty nervous… And not only will I be leaving some of my friends, a lot of them will be leaving me! I have friends going to Oklahoma, New York, Alabama, California, Mississippi and even Dublin, Ireland. I have known some of these girls my whole life and I know that they will do great things in college. But, all in all, I’m trying not to worry about these little things and I am attempting to focus on what’s really important, summer is right around the corner!!!

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