The Sonoran Desert (Pt. 1)

There’s not much better than getting to spend your birthday with your family on vacation in Arizona! I’ve got my camera, my swimsuit and my sunscreen and I couldn’t be more excited to spend a few days relaxing by the pool. If you’ve never been to Arizona you have to go… the beauty that is Arizona is almost impossible to describe unless a person has actually been there; the colors of the flowers are just a little bit brighter, the sky is a little bit bluer, and the sunsets are the more beautiful than anything you have ever seen.

The best part of it all… our four-door wrangler jeep that my dad loves to drive around. We took the top off about 2 months after buying it and haven’t put it back on since. The weather in Arizona is so perfect that there has never been a reason to ever put the top back on! The temperature today was 93 in the valley and 100 in town but the heat here doesn’t even compare to the heat (plus humidity) in Texas. I love spring and summer in the desert because there is 0% humidity and that makes my skin and my hair very happy:)

I am unbelievably blessed to be spending this time with my family before I head off for college next fall and I plan on taking full advantage of moments like these. More pictures to come!

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