When asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, my instant response was ROADTRIP…  so we packed up the rental car with grandma and grandpa and made our way from Scottsdale to Sedona.

Plus I knew that a road trip would be a GREAT opportunity for me to try out my new birthday gift… a Canon EOS 80D! The photos that I took are so crisp and clear and I can’t wait to take more on my new Canon. I can already tell the difference in image quality between it and my old Nikon camera.

This was one of the most beautiful drives up I-17. We climbed higher and higher and made a few stops on our way. Our first stop was to see Montezuma Castle in Camp Verde and it was amazing. The structure was built by the Sinagua people between approximately 1100 and 1425 AD. The main structure comprises five stories and twenty rooms, and was built over the course of three centuries. It was truly breathtaking to see and only it was only 20 minute detour on our way to Sedona.

After Camp Verde we continued on our way to Sedona. Once we got there we ate lunch at a little Italian restaurant called the Hideaway House and it was delicious and the views were even better! Then we spent time going to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross and then Cathedral Rock and lastly Bell Rock. This town was one of the cutest and most beautiful places I had ever been to and there’s just so much to see and do I am going to have to go back sometime very soon!


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